With a sprawling network of 35 operational warehouses located across the country can facilitate supply of any product throughout country , Ravian today stands as having one of the leading distribution setup in Pakistan.

With its commitment to serve its customers and meet their expectations of time and quality, Ravian designs and strives to maintain its warehousing facilities such that to ensure each unit of every product gets the requisite care in its storage and handling. The warehouses operations are developed to enable movement of the product through the downstream supply chain in an efficient manner relative to the local market dynamics.

Inspired from the best in class systems present,Ravian has developed its own Warehousing Quality Standards which remains an evolving system. These standards are implemented at each facility along with the requisite training of resources creating a Quality Culture within the organization Ravian considers Quality Assurance as a source of competitive advantage and treats it accordingly.

One of the key objectives of Ravian remains to continuously evaluate and employ the use of technology to better its service levels and analyze its distributions operational model, consequently making certain that each step involved in the process adds value to the overall supply chain.